Hilary Bridals

Good morning! Now that Hilary and Shawn are married we can finally share her bridal portraits! Before you scroll on to the images, there are a few things you need know about Hilary and her gown. First, she is extremely sentimental. She loves heirloom objects and understands the importance of passing them down from generation to generation. When it came time for Hilary to find a dress for her big day, she didn’t run to the nearest bridal store and try on a million dresses. Instead she sat down with her grandma Dora and began to make her dream dress come alive. Every stitch, bead and layer was sewn in by grandma Dora. I mean how many brides can say their grandma created their wedding gown? Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better you should also know that her dress is actually a modern recreation of her mother’s wedding dress. All of the lace detail and beading is the exact same that her mother Julia wore on her wedding day. Now, how awesome is that?  It doesn’t stop there! To complete her bridal look, Hilary also wore her mother’s matching veil  complete with a blusher and even used during the ceremony  yesterday in the traditional fashion of coming down the aisle with it over her face. Once she was met at the alter by Shawn, her dad, Andy unveiled her before giving her away. Ahhhh! We just can’t wait to share their wedding with you all soon! Until then, enjoy a few of our favorite bridal portraits of the new Mrs. Kennedy!



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